Used Technogym Selection Series Inclusive Line Radiant

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Radiant Inclusive allows you to do a wide range of exercises from sitting or upright.

Radiant has a trapezoidal folding bench that tilts forward with a 15° gradient, ensuring that it stays stable during movement, as well as that beginner users take a physiologically correct posture during the exercise.

Compact dimensions offer a wide range of exercises in a space of only 2 square meters. It can be combined with one or more cable pillars, a maximum of three on each side, creating an area where a personal trainer can care from one to seven clients at a time.


  • The seat and backrest are ergonomic – the new shape of the bench provides extra stability. The trapezoid folding bench, which tilts forward with a 15° gradient, ensures stability during movement. The contour shape of the backrest provides optimal stabilization and minimizes pelvic load while the ergonomic and adjustable seat enhances comfort, allowing the user to adopt a physiologically correct posture during exercise.
  • Hand grips –  Multi-function hand grips provide a neutral grip that provides a variety of movements and ensures a proper fit for each user. Drag grippers with polygonal grip: wide, inverted and neutral grip. 
  • Easy adjustment – Innovative roller release mechanism – you can easily adjust the appliance on both sides with just one hand. The low machine height and the conveniently mounted weighing package provide easy access and privacy during training
  • Crossover Cables create a natural movement and help strengthen both large and small muscle groups.
  • Dimensions: 34" L x 98" W x 95" H
  • Weight Stack: 100 lbs