Octane XT-One

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Adjustable Incline Motion

Ready for a hike in the foothills or to tackle a mountain? The XT-One has 10 incline levels so you can replicate hiking or extreme climbing, with adjustability to accommodate every exerciser’s capability and size.

Also, it’s simple to target different muscle groups by changing the incline level throughout the workout so you can quickly add variety to your workout.


Replicate walking, jogging, or running, and add new challenges with Octane’s signature SmartStride, which automatically adjusts the length of the stride from 20”-28” based on your pace. This smart technology optimizes variety and effectiveness for valuable customization, motivation, and results, every workout.

The adjustable stride length fits any size user in your home.


Octane’s trademark advanced training program combines cardio and strength intervals in the same footprint to optimize workout space and efficiency.

Workouts: 21 Product

Weight: 395 lbs

Adjustable Incline: 10 levels

Resistance levels: 30

Phone Holder: 2

Transport wheels: yes

Self-Powered: yes