Bar Shield USA Barbell Cleaning & Maintenance Kit

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Protect your investment and keep your barbells working like it's day one. 

The kit comes with instruction, 2 microfiber cloths, a bottle of the Bar Shield Lubricant, and a nylon brush (A'oo! A'oo! A'oo! for those of you who gets the 300 reference branded on the back). 

The Bar Shield Lubricant is specially formulated to be odorless, and doesn't leave any greasy residue. What's the most amazing about this oil is that it is food-grade and biodegradable, meaning that it's safe to touch and non-toxic.

The Nylon bristled brush is tough enough to knock off the chalk and blood buildup, without damaging the coating of your anti-rust finished bars. 

While the cost is higher than a 3-in-1 oil from a hardware store, but knowing the oil is safe and made specifically for a barbell makes Bar Shield worth the money.

*please note, this kit is not meant for striping rust build up on non-coated bars.