American Barbell Upright Rolling Bumper Storage

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This heavy-duty upright bumper storage offers an efficient plate storage solution for just about any space. The stainless steel storage post provides excellent durability and is 32" tall. The portability of this unit allows you to easily and effortlessly move your weight pates around your training area. This allows you to conserve your strength and energy for your lifts!

The upright rolling bumper storage unit features three premium quality multi-directional roller wheels to allow you to smoothly move it in any direction. High-end bearings ensure that the wheels will continue to move with ease for many years to come. The extra-long storage post allows you to grab and control the unit with one hand. 

Having the upright rolling bumper storage unit to house and transport your weight plates will keep your gym clutter-free and looking great. You’ll always know where your plates are and are able to roll them from one workstation to the next with the absolute minimum of effort. 

  • Heavy-duty metal construction
  • 32” tall storage post
  • Four multi-direction roller wheels